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Why your grandmother likes your Harrington jacket...

harringtonnetje spirit 69

Ever asked yourself were the name Harrington comes from? The name of the waist-coated jacket popular in the circles of skinheads, mods, rude boys and football hooligans?



Well... it is after the character of Rod Harrington, in the 1960 television series Peyton Place. Huh! That doesn't sound very rebellic at all. Peyton Place was a soap like Dallas and Dinasty. For sure some old folks' shit.



Paul Weller however and Bradley Wiggins are wearing Harringtons today. I bet they buy their Lonsdale/Spirit of 69 Harrington at treustore! As they do with their Lonsdale sweaters hooded or not. Or their BenLee, Fairtex en Lonsdale bokshandschoenen boksballen bokszakken en MMA schoenen.


Boks kleding

When you are looking at a wide variety of vintage sportswear and streetwear be sure to check truestore.eu. You even find the pages in Dutch language. And the service is allright too.


Link building service

Noticed something about this editorial? Yes my second nature is link building. I help the web with useful links to sports on the web where you can find stuff you like. Don't call it spam because you can choose where you go. For instance; this is a place for people interested in BMW 1502, 1602, 1802 en 2002 classic cars? But when looking for quality sportswear and fine streetwear, truestore.eu is a shop to consider.


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